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Coming Soon

(these are so good….I can’t wait to get them out!)

Epi 34 Passion with Dr. Samantha Nazarath

Epi 35 Joy with Dr. Nivedita Lakhera

Epi 36 Dignity with Dr. Lisa Masson

Epi 37 Freedom with Dr. Bonnie Koo

Epi 38 Supporting with Dr. Dana Rice

Epi 39 Meaning with Dr. Monisa Vasa (plus bonus episode)

Epi 40 ShouldStorm with Dr. Alison Escalante

Epi 41 Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Epi 42 Finding Your Voice with Dr. Lisa Herbert

Epi 43 Credentialing and Efficiency with Dr. Sasha Davidson

Epi 44 Reproduction with Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

Epi 45 Passion with Dr. Free Hess

Epi 46 Sun Protection with Dr. Sarah Sung

Epi 47 Contentedness with Dr. Rand Diab

Extra special episode: Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros


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