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Epi 108 Talking about Imposter Syndrome, Real Burnout Symptoms & Freebie Masterclass

Epi 107 Emotional Eating with Dr. Siobhan Key

Epi 106 PCOS with Dr. Adeeti Gupta

Epi 105 Enchantment with Dr. Tracey O’Connell

Epi 104 Dr. Tracey Asamoah Talks Firsts

Epi 103 Mindful Eating with Dr. Michelle May

Epi 102 Disrupt with Dr. Maiysha Clairbourne

Epi 101 Part 2 with Dr. Molly Maloof

Epi 100 Is this really my life & celebrating 100 episodes!!!

Epi 99 Dr. Molly Maloof explains Healthspan

Epi 98 Self Care with Dr. Stephanie Byerly

Epi 97 From Skeptic to Meditator

Epi 96 Perspective with Dr. Christi Bartlett

Epi 95 Burnt-out to Badass with Dr. Errin Weisman

Epi 94 Unbreakable with Dr. Juli LaRocca

Epi 93 Burnout with Dr. Lisa Rotenstein

Epi 92 Dare with Dr Carmen Landrau


Epi 90 Get Coached with Dr. Errin Weisman

Epi 89 Lies with Dr. Nisha Chellam

Epi 88 Fault Line with Dr. Stacia Dearmin

Epi 87 Role Reversal with Dr. Lisa Doggett

Epi 86 Article Review with Dr. Errin Weisman

Epi 85 Get Coached

Epi 84 Fit and Fabulous with Dr. Orlena Kerek

Epi 83 The Hormone Fix with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Epi 82 Green Living with Dr. Sharon McLaughlin

Epi 81 Update SOLOCAST

Epi 80 Freedom with Dr. Nana Korsah

Epi 79 Hope with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Epi 78 Wisdom with Dr. Jacqueline Chan

Epi 77 Get Coached

Epi 76 SOLOCAST The Gift List Your Medical Graduate Actually Needs

Epi 75 Connecting with Dr. Donnica Moore

Epi 74 Life Coaching with Dr. Sunny Smith

Epi 73 Recorded Coaching Call with Dr. Nilong Vyas

Epi 72 SOLOCAST Dr. Weisman Explains ‘Doctor Me First’

Epi 71 EHR with Dr. Meeta Shah

Epi 70 Learning with Dr. Shawna Garza

Epi 69 Topic Mash-up SOLOCAST

Epi 68 Meditation with Dr. Jill Wener

Epi 67 Resilience through Mystery Writing with Dr. Teresa Wesley

Epi 66 Quality of Life with Dr. Michelle Owens

Epi 65 Innovation with Dr. Saya Nagori

Epi 64 When Letting Go isn’t Enough SOLOCAST

Epi 63 Authenticity with Dr. Madhavi Sharma

Epi 62 Wholeness with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Epi 61 Power with Dr. Libby Schanzmeyer

Epi 60 Mental Chatter SOLOCAST

Epi 59 Frugal with Dr. D

Epi 58 Eudaimonia with Dr. Laurel Fick

Epi 57 Inspired with Dr. Traci Thoureen

Epi 56 Focus with Dr. Shannon Smith

Epi 55 Recovery with Dr. Amanda Cuda

Epi 54 Reinventing with Dr. Lara Salyer

Epi 53 Solocast: Burnt-out to Badass with Dr. Errin Weisman

Epi 52 Libido with Dr. Melanie Modjoros

Epi 51 Inspiration with Dr. Carina Hopen

Epi 50 Empowerment with Dr. Leah Houston

Epi 49 Opportunities with Dr. Jenny LaBonte

Epi 48 Community with Drs. Lane Patten and Holly Schruppberg

Epi 47 Contentedness with Dr. Rand Diab

Epi 46 Passion with Dr. Free Hess

Epi 45 Sun Protection with Dr. Sarah Sung

Epi 44 Reproduction with Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

Epi 43 Credentialing and Efficiency with Dr. Sasha Davidson

Epi 42 Finding Your Voice with Dr. Lisa Herbert

Epi 41 Quitting with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Epi 40 ShouldStorm with Dr. Alison Escalante

Epi 39 Meaning with Dr. Monisa Vasa (plus bonus episode)

Epi 38 Supporting with Dr. Dana Rice

Epi 37 Freedom with Dr. Bonnie Koo

Epi 36 Dignity with Dr. Lisa Masson

Epi 35 Joy with Dr. Nivedita Lakhera

Epi 34 Passion with Dr. Samantha Nazareth

Epi 33 Stepping Away with Dr. Erica Howe

Epi 32 Intention and Money with Dr. Cherry Chen

Epi 31 Deserving with Dr. Linda Hodges

Epi 30 Gratitude with Dr. Jessica Willett

Epi 29 Truth with Dr. Charmaine Gregory

Epi 28 Self Compassion with Dr. Sheetal Ajmani

Epi 27 Suicide with Dr. Uchenna Umeh

Epi 26 Renaissance Woman with Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley

Epi 25 Unapologetic with Dr. Dara Kass

Epi 24 Revolution with Dr. Sonal Patel

Epi 23 The F Word with Dr. Allie Thomas-Fannin

Epi 22 Superwomen with Dr. C. Nicole Swiner

Epi 21 Empower with Dr. Kelly Siudzinski

Epi 20 Love with Dr. Mously Le Blanc

Epi 19 Courage with Dr. Nilong Vyas

Epi 18 AI with Dr. Uma Menon

Epi 17 Balance with Dr. Liz McKinnon

Epi 16 Solocast “Bye Bye Negative Thought #5 “I can’t because…”

Epi 15 Truth with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Epi 14 Being Intentional with Dr. Nana Korsah

Epi 13 Limits with Dr. Julieta LaRocca

Epi 12 Social Media with Dr. Shikha Jain

Epi 11 Acceptance with Dr. Dena George

Episode 10 Purpose with Dr. Rachna Patel

Episode 9 Frustration with Dr. Irene Tien

Episode 8 Solocast “I don’t want to earn my stripes”

Episode 7 Motherhood with Dr. Sharon McLaughlin and Dr. Shikha Jain

Episode 6 Trust with Dr. Puja Aggarwal

Episode 5: SoMeDocs with Dr. Dana Corriel 

Episode 4: Transformation with Dr. Ali Novitsky

Episode 3: Freedom with Dr. Chiagozie Fawole

Episode 2: Layers with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Episode 1: Let Me Introduce Myself

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PTSD with Elizabeth VanderVeer

Sleep with Lynelle Schneeberg PsyD

Burnout & People Pleasing with Caitlin Donovan


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