Episode 69 Topic Mash-up SOLOCAST

Errin Weisman DO, physician life coach and host on Doctor Me First, addresses her struggle with Impostor Syndrome and doing solocasts. She jumps in with 3 topics that she has been thinking about lately, #DrNotMrs, Maternity Leave & Everybody Needs a Person.

Segment 1 #DrNotMrs a campaign started by Dr. Anu Kathiresan discussing when female physicians are not addressed as Doctor that this is contributing to gender bias.

Segment #2 Using Maternity Leave to Gain Clarity and questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you loving about life during this time?

  • What things are you ecstatic that you don't have to do while on leave? (For me, it was no call responsibility. I realized that call was more draining than baby!)

  • What are you dreading when you think about going back?

Segment #3 Why Everybody Needs a Person and 4 recommendations to that relationship.

1) Maintaining a safe space

2) Your person will not have your answers but will have your back

3) Your person should see your potential

4) They should call you on your bullshit and still love and support you

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