Are you a doctor mom struggling with burnout?

Statistics show that physicians will burn out at least twice in their careers. I know some doctors who have burned out six or seven times. Many, many doctors burn out and then leave medicine behind altogether.

Watch the video to hear my burnout story.


I created Truth Prescriptions because I was tired of people telling me that burnout was just a part of medicine. I want to help you recover from burnout so you can get healthy. Then together, we can change the core of medicine to make it a more sustainable profession for all. Learn more about me HERE.



I can help you change your life by planning your work, working your plan, so that you come out on the other side of burnout dancing.


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Benefits of coaching with me:

  • Accountability - I can provide you with peer to peer accountability by supporting you not just to think about making changes but spurring you towards change. 

  • Confidentiality & Trustworthiness - Because I'm an independent contractor, I provide you with the highest privacy. The only information disclosed is what you want. Coaching does not fall under mandatory reporting to state licensing boards.

  • Understanding - Not only am I a licensed physician and trained coach, I'm still practicing medicine on the front lines.

  • Experience - I am passionate about burnout and coaching others through it because I have walked the walk. Now that I have come through my own journey of burnout, I've "businessed up" by getting coach training, Women in Medicine leadership training, Clear Coaches Select courses, and numerous webinars and CME events focused around doing medicine better.

  • Resourceful - In order to better navigate medicine, I love collecting research, latest studies and networking with other in order to gain strength in numbers. I pass this knowledge onto my clients by discussing specific topics like attending/leading meetings well, how to handle double standards with medicine, how to write a resignation letter and more.

  • Supportive - I am in your corner and want to go over and beyond to boost you.

  • Strong Boundaries - These is one that may surprise you that I list it but I know that it is an advantage! I will show up and give you everything I've got during our time together but I WILL also maintain my own sustainability and I will encourage you to do the same. 

Are you a Burned-Out Physician?

Are you locked in survival mode or convinced that you need to quit medicine to have a sustainable life? Do you feel trapped in the healthcare system? You are not alone. I’ve been there!

I want to send you my free gift: the first chapter of my Doctor Me First burnout recovery program. Doctor Me First teaches you how to leave burnout behind and create a life you love.