Are you a doctor mom struggling with burnout?

I want to help

Statistics show that physicians will burn out at least twice in their careers. I know some doctors who have burned out six or seven times. Many, many doctors burn out and then leave medicine behind altogether.


Watch the video to hear my burnout story.


I created Truth Prescriptions because I was tired of people telling me that burnout was just a part of medicine. I want to help you recover from burnout so you can get healthy. Then together, we can change the core of medicine to make it a more sustainable profession for all. Learn more about me HERE.



I can help you change your life by planning your work, working your plan, so that you come out on the other side of burnout dancing.



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Are you a Burned-Out Physician?

Are you locked in survival mode or convinced that you need to quit medicine to have a sustainable life? Do you feel trapped in the healthcare system? You are not alone. I’ve been there!

I want to send you my free gift: the first chapter of my Doctor Me First burnout recovery program. Doctor Me First teaches you how to leave burnout behind and create a life you love.


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