Women in the Wild Retreat

Get this on your calendar!

During one of our trail runs, I turned to my tribe (Beth and Lisa) and said, "Other women need this! They need what we are doing. We have to do something!" And the idea was born for this adventure.

This 24 hour retreat is focused on women of any age who love the outdoors but typically too busy taking care of everyone else but themselves. You can expect to have "me" time to adventure, try outdoor yoga with Beth Schilling, hiking and reflect on life time with me (Errin Weisman), healthy eating, outdoor activities like shooting and kayaking with Lisa Stinson plus campfire time and more!

There will be a professional photographer to provide wonderful pictures so no need to lug around from phone. We actually will encourage you to leave your phone in your car and disconnect. Concerned about cooking? Well, don't be! We have a culinary team who will be preparing all the food so you can sit back and enjoy.

Activities will be centered in Pike County, Indiana at Pike State Forest, Patoka River, Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area. We will provide food, activities, and most everything camping related but ask you to bring clothes, bedding (blanket and/or sleeping bag, pillow), minimal personal hygiene and your adventurous spirit.

Pre-sales will be starting soon so check back to reserve your spot!