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Schedule a call to talk together. This isn’t a sales call or a “buy my stuff” opportunity. I want to get on the phone with you, hear and support you. If at the end of the call, you feel lighter and encouraged, then we should coach together. If not, no attachments or worries! Help is available for those who ask! Your turn…schedule to talk!


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I experienced burnout as a physician HARD. Retrospectively, I was "crispy to the core." My soul  was discouraged and dissatisfied with my career as an outpatient family medicine physician. So many nights I thought to myself, "How am I going to keep doing this for 30 more years?" or "Did I really push through med school and residency just for this?"

When I tried talking to my family, they didn't understand.

I talked with my non-medical friends, they didn't understand.

I would vent to my med school best friends but we were all feeling burnout and just didn't want any more emotional energy to give.

Do you feel like no matter how much to talk, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS?


I want to talk to you and help you change your life. I've walked that path and now I'm on the other side booty shakin' dancing! I want that for you.

I will coach you through burnout and to a life you want to be living instead of juggling the life you thought you were suppose to live. 

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Errin (Your Future Coach)