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Who wouldn’t want to hang out with us?!?!

The Doctor Me First Community are totally badass and I love hanging out with you. In order to help my colleagues, I am coordinating, leading and facilitating events to build each other up. JOIN US because TOGETHER, WE RISE!

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Other industries are all about masterminds, so I'm bringing it to medicine. Woop Woop!!

This Mastermind a 6-month commitment that surrounds you with like-minded colleagues who are ready to rock this world in major ways!!!

If you have any (or all) of these questions then your booty needs to be in this Mastermind:

  • Are you frustrated with your work-life balance?

  • Love medicine but finding the day-to-day grind absolutely horrible?

  • Do you have a business, side hustle or thinking about starting a business but just don't know how to take it to the next level?

There is a membership fee to join because I want each member to have skin in the game and be totally committed.

PURPOSE for Doctor Me First MasterMind

Provide accountability, encouragement and help to develop the areas of your life and your work/business that you most struggling with.

GOALS for DMF MasterMind

  1. Encouragement to keep you excelling in what you do

  2. Motivation to do only what you love and cut the crap

  3. Learn to love yourself (all of you...the good, the bad, the fugly, the hot mess, the mistakes, the success, the achievement, the learner, the woman)

  4. Lean into your FULL value and learn to ask for it ALWAYS

what you can expect


  • Each month is structured with a theme

  • Each month, there will be at least one (1) Study Hall work session, one (1) private coaching session and one (1) group session.

  • This is a 6-month commitment

Enrollment is starting now and meeting dates will be released to those who complete an application.

Themes will also be determined by those that sign up.


  • Determining your self and business identity

  • Your Value/Worth

  • Money Issues

  • Leveling up

  • Healing old wounds

  • Rewriting to Hidden Curriculum (the stories we tell ourselves)

  • Creating Boundaries/Structure

  • The Front Side of your Biz (what others see)

  • The Back side of your Biz (the behind the scene workings)

  • The Heart of your Biz (your why to what you do or want to achieve)

  • Etc (I’m open to more)

As a group, we will determine the topics for the months. Each theme will have accompanying assignments, homework and accountability work. (Hooray for worksheets!!)

Also in each month, there will be at least one (1) Study Hall work session, one (1) private coaching session and one (1) group session. We will determine dates and times when all members have signed up via a survey to best accommodate schedules. You can also message the group or myself whenever needed. (Additional individual sessions can be requested and will be charged on an hourly basis and invoiced outside of this Mastermind as an FYI)


As a member of the Mastermind, you are committing to:

  • Showing up for and getting the most out of all group meetings and coaching sessions

  • Bringing your full self (the good, the bad, the ugly, the hot mess we all are)

  • Completing your homework/assignments to the best of your ability

  • Be honest but kind with all members

  • Paying membership dues


As leader of this Mastermind, I commit to:

  • Bringing all I have for you

  • Being transparent about my journey, successes, struggles

  • Coaching you to become your best self by being unbias and non-judgemental, showering you with kindness, giving small pushes when needed and being a shoulder of support.

  • Keep all participates accountable

Here's the link to the application

There is a membership fee to join because I want each member to have skin in the game and be totally committed.

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Female Physicians Study Hall

Because we all loveD school so much (hence the bazillion years we invested)…why not do study hall as adults!?!

Study hall was by far one of my favs in high school (but then again I always took extra classes and rarely took a regular study hall, damn it!!!)

Well, wanna do an “Adult-Get-shit-DONE" Study Hall?

Let me explain:
This is a 90 minute block of time where as a group:

  1. You commit to SHOW UP

  2. Do/work on those things that you said you were going to do for your business but haven't got around to it (like writing copy, editing, start your taxes, write pitch emails, etc etc etc)

  3. I keep you ACCOUNTABLE and make it fun and easy!

Think of it as we are all sitting in a virtual study hall together working. It's always easier in a group. Plus if you get stuck or want to ask the group a questions, we are here for each other!

During study hall time, first 15 minutes or so will be introductions and tell what you are going to work on. Then for the next 60-90 minutes we go on silence mode and work. Then afterwards, we have networking time where we will share how it went, where we got stuck, ask for help, wrap up, talk, etc

If this goes well...hell....I might make it a standing thing!

I love group facilitation/coaching and when I've did these before in my 2018 mastermind...those women gave A LOT of positive comments. Sometimes they got too chatty so I help to redirect back to the work. Sometimes they needed help when they were stuck or stumped, then I would schedule additional time to talk. 

Email me at for the details!