To my fellow Doctor Moms out there,

I see you. I know you. I AM you.

You’re an alpha female physician. You’re a mom. And if you’re here, it might be because you feel like you’re drowning.


Doctor-mom burnout is intense. You’re constantly caring, constantly doing, constantly feeling sucked dry.

It Starts the Night Before

If you’re like I was, the craziness of the day starts the night before. You rush around trying to finish things up at the office so you can get home to your family. You're trying to make it a priority to be there for dinner time, bath time, and/or bedtime - whatever you can swing.

However...You’re there in body, but not there in spirit. You’re going through the motions. There’s no loving or nurturing, no laughing or cuddling.

As soon as the kids are in bed, you’re back on the computer, trying to finish your day. You might have a bleary-eyed conversation with your spouse before you crash. Or you get on your phone or Netflix just to try to numb out from the day.

Sound familiar?

I started looking for solutions to my problem of burnout. I met so many other physicians  with the same challenges, but no one had any answers except to quit.

So, I started creating my own answers.

I read Jen Sincero, Susan Hyatt, Elizabeth Gilbert, and tons of other self-help authors who had great things to say.  I signed up for an e-book about being a physician entrepreneur and later started working with the coach who created it. Through all these steps, I learned how to create a sustainable life for myself.

Because I couldn't find any physician mom specific coaches who focused in burnout, I decided to become certified as a life coach so I could create what I had been looking for.

Life on the Other Side of Burnout

My life now feels like freedom. I no longer feel like I'm drowning or carrying massive weights on my back.

I made some courageous steps and walked away from the primary care position that was not serving me. But guess what, I'm still Dr. Weisman, I'm still in healthcare. I survived a non-compete clause. I switched specialties for awhile and worked Emergency Medicine. I became an entrepreneur! I would have never been able to have the emotional energy to launch my own business. I'm so exhilarated to be a coach and colleague specifically for physician moms who find themselves in burnout for the first time.

I used to feel like I was controlled by my schedule, by administrators, and my employment contract. Now, I am back in control of my day, my life. I feel full: full of life, full of joy, full of passion and purpose.

We need to change the culture of healthcare. Being a doctor mom is practically impossible right now. We need to create a way to make it possible.

But we need to be healthy ourselves, first.

Because I have walked this journey, I can help you!


Feel like you just need to talk to someone who understands?

I got your back so schedule a call! Promise, no sleaze! Only offering help here!