Episode 54 Reinventing with Dr. Lara Salyer

Lara Salyer, DO is a functional medicine physician who works to improve quality of life, diminish prescription burden, and teach patients what they need to do to remain as healthy as possible.Her tagline is “coloring outside the lines of your typical doctor.” We talk today about how she reinvented herself from a traditional, employed family medicine physician to now living in her best life and practice. She shares advice to other physicians to “follow the whisper” and let intuition be your guide for once.

Find out more about Dr. Salyer at her website: https://drlarasalyer.com or her program Right Brain Rescue which is all about the science of creativity and neuroplasticity

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Right Brain Rescue Podcast Episode 13 when I talk with Dr. Salyer on creativity

Youtube video on the Right Brain Rescue Podcast Episode 13

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