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“I’m happy for you!” (..."but I’m not happy for myself")

Bye bye Negative thought #7:

“I’m happy for you!” (fake a smile then think..but I’m not happy for myself)

How do you feel when a colleague is really kicking ass and taking names?

When she gets a research grant or lands a prestigious fellowship?

When she gets promoted?

When she takes a sabbatical, goes part-time, or starts her own clinic so she can create the schedule that works for her family?
Really dig into how you feel when people around you succeed - or when they achieve what you secretly long for.

Jealous? Angry? Upset? Defeated? ...and maybe a little bit happy for them?

I want you to reframe this negative thought, where you’re telling the person you’re happy for them while secretly feeling so sad about your own situation.

I’d love for you to reframe it to: “I’m happy for you. I want what you have or want to do what you’re doing. Can you help me?”

When you begin to leave behind your own narrow view of what’s possible - in your career, in medicine, in your life - amazing things can start to happen.

I want you to know that you can create anything or have anything that anyone else has.

Will it take hard work? Yes.
Will it come at a cost? Hell yes.

Will it be worth it? Absofuckinglutely!

When you want to create something new, start with a clean slate in your brain.
Admit what you REALLY want.

Even if it sounds crazy.

Even if your brain is like, “That will never happen! That’s not even possible! There are not even medical jobs AVAILABLE like that!”

Just put the thoughts on hold for now and admit to yourself what you really want.

Visualize it in detail.

What would your day look like? How would you feel? What would you have time and energy to do that you’re not doing now?

There is actual medical research on the fact that visualization works. Doctors who performed an advanced procedure without visualizing it first were about 50% effective. But doctors who visualized the procedure in advance were 90% effective.

If you spend 5-10 minutes every day visualizing the life you want,  you might just be astounded at how opportunities begin to present themselves.

And in the meantime - ask for help!

If you’re ready for some help creating the life you’re dreaming of, book your free colleague-to-colleague call today HERE.