Mommy-ing Well Series Introduction: A Hot Mess in Pearls


Why pearls? Did you ever play Pretty Pretty Princess as a kid? I was not a very “girly” little girl but I did play this game occasionally. To win, you try to get all the pieces of jewelry plus the crown (avoid that black ring). Man, I was big stuff with all my bedazzlement. In my grown-up life, I wear my pearls for big events, church and when I need a pick-me-up. They are a reminder to me that I’m “big stuff” even when life around me is crazy and I don’t feel so awesome.

This blog and topics will hopefully be pearls to you. My mission is to make it a platform for empowering you, promoting self-care & wellness and relaying information so you don't have to come to my office when you are a hot mess. Sure, we all are hot messes at times (I say, “Sweats and a messy bun, yes please!”). But I want to tackle issues that concern you and offer help. I hope to give a meaningful perspective from all the roles I play: doctor, mom, wife, etc. I promise to give you the real truth with the facts.

Though you may have stumbled upon this blog by accident or come to it for a reason, please join me. My hope is that you leave refreshed, educated and ready to take on the chaos.

Be Well!

This is just the introduction to this series, "Mommy-ing Well" Topics soon to be released: Self-Care, Happiness, Mom Guilt, Embracing a Reality Check, Secondhand Smoke, (a repost) My Breastfeeding Saga, Chronic pain, etc. Have suggestions or questions? Share here...I love a good challenge!