What the World Needs to Hear

Negativity is spewing from everywhere lately. Hatred and downright ugliness seem to be infiltrating and saturating everyone's minds. I say (in my momma's-upset-we-better-straighten-up voice) ENOUGH. STOP. NO MORE.

So, here is my antidotes against the poison surrounding all of us. I pray it will enrich, encourage and nourish your mind, body and soul.

No matter what terms you use to describe your external or internal self, you are more than those labels.

You are full of worth and worthy of love despite whatever or whoever have suggested otherwise.

You are a sacred, special work of art created so uniquely there never have been nor will be another you.

Even more amazing is you were created in this span of time during this point in history for a purpose.

Claim your personal power, use your strengths, become passionate in a way that only you can.
Embrace that you are actually an expert, an expert for your life.

Take faith in knowing you can endure beyond hard times, harsh people and challenging situations.

As long as you have breath and a pulse, there is hope. Cling to hope.

Every circumstance, statement, action creates a choice, choose to love.

I believe that the world is better because you are in it.

This article was inspired by a recent young women's conference, Limitless, organized by the Indiana UMW. During a presentation on "The Bible and Human Sexuality," this video by Rachel Platton touched my heart and soul so I share with you.


Be Well!
Dr Errin