Special Holiday Blessings to YOU!

Since 2009, I’ve been doing a yearly holiday card with pictures and an update on what Team Weisman did for the past year. But more than spending hundreds of dollars on postage, I love going through my address list. Because believe it or not, I say a special thought or prayer for every person and family on that list as I address their card.

I did the same thing this year with my email list. As of December 2018, I have 93 of you out there who receive email from me. Guess what…you got included in my practice of sending you a special thank you!

My heart is to serve those that want my help and I’m forever grateful for you.

If you can, please help me to reach more in 2019. Tell your friends and family how this Wild Weisman Woman Doctor has helped you :)

Holiday Blessings!

Dr. Errin

PS: Here’s this year’s Team Weisman card.

xmas 2018.jpg
xmas 2018 back.jpg