Using Sunday Dread as an Indicator

Find small moments you don’t hate

It’s easy to think general thoughts like, “I hate my job so much.”

Practice finding small moments that you don’t hate, whether it’s seeing a favorite patient, drinking your coffee with a colleague in the morning, or carving out a short lunch break. Cling to those little bits of goodness.


Get control of the situation

I used to see Sunday dread as something that happens to me. My recurring thought when thinking about my job was, “I have to do this, but I hate it so much.”

When I finally began to realize that, "I don't actually have to do this job that I hate." Major shift for me.

I started to think about what I really wanted and needed, and I started to ask for it.


Be ready to change

When I started asking for what I wanted and needed at work, those requests were denied. At that point, I recognized that I had to change, and I had to be willing to walk away to preserve my happiness and sanity.

I was terrified of my noncompete (I know many of you are!). I asked my employer to rescind the clause; they refused.

And then I left anyway. And hear me: it was okay. I asked doctor colleagues for referrals and I found a different job pretty easily, without having to relocate my family.

My noncompete is now expired. I did it!


Sunday dread is an indicator

When I was going through burnout, I thought Sunday dread was going to be part of my life for the next 30+ years of my career. (I actually felt intense dread pretty much every night of the week about going to work.)

Now, I know that it’s an indicator that it’s time to change. When Sunday dread starts creeping in, it’s simply guidance from your inner wisdom that the job you’re in is not right for you.

If you’re stuck in the Sunday dreads, I want to help! I’m offering a free colleague to colleague call specifically on the topic of Sunday dreads. Sign up HERE