My Physician Life Coaching Eat. Pray. Love. Journey Part 2

The scale I’ve been using about being self-employed entrepreneur, life coach, free agent doctor on this Eat. Pray. Love. Journey ranges from “total and utter bliss” to “absolutely scared shitless.” Let me explain.

On the Bliss Side

I no longer wake up before dawn to start my day, run frantically to get out the door only to be late no matter how early I start. With this new venture, I truly became the keeper of my schedule, soooo A-MAZING! I remember the first morning staying in bed until 7am, fixing breakfast for team Weisman on a weekday (WHAAATT…I know), and actually getting a good workout in that wasn’t rushed or half-assed followed by a relaxing shower all in the same morning. Who knew this actually existed?!!?!!

Now, I make lunch dates with friends just to catch up, go to networking events and never once look at my phone to check the time so “I can get back to start afternoon clinic.” Don’t get me wrong, I still have to keep a schedule but the schedule is mine!

No more panicked rush out the door to pick up the kids because daycare is closing. I now close up my day in plenty of time knowing that I can come back to it later.

No more calling in to-go dinner orders because there’s no groceries at home and/or being too tired/stressed/frazzled/fatigued to even think about cooking. I now weekly grocery shop, have an idea on what the menu will be and take time to prep and cook PLUS enjoy it.

No more fighting through the 2 mountains of clothes; dirty on one side, the clean yet not folded and piled in baskets on the other. Daily, we do a load then set a time to get them folded.

No more spending more time with my staff and colleagues than my own family. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved most of the people I have worked with. I just want the majority of hours spent with my husband and children. I can say now that I truly interact with each member in my household in a positive, loving role. (Because honestly before, I was just in “keep you fed, clean and alive” mode as a mom.)

Seriously ya’ll this is the shit sometimes!

On the Scared Shitless End

Let’s talk on the flip side. I have had to TOTALLY get out of my comfort zone. As an employed physician, you just sit at your office/department and the people just roll in and show up. Not so much in the life coaching world.

Not. at. all.

Daily, I make direct contact with real people, networking online, release a weekly newsletter (which you are reading right now, love you for that btw), record, edit, and produce my podcast for twice monthly releases, go to live events, speak at events, get on Zoom or the phone for discovery calls, give away free coaching to colleagues, following up with anyone and everyone I can and try to send as many thank yous as possible. I feel like I'm doing "all the things" but my conversation rate (the people decide to work with me) is less than 1%!

That’s been really hard odds to live with coming from a super achiever who has her whole life been 95% and above. I have heard “no” and “not at this time” from my business offers than from my 2 year old sassy pants daughter. Rejection sucks! Even more so when your income is tied to it.

The silver lining

But even with all the NOs and this having been super hard, I can share the silver lining. You know that 1% I told you about who have become my coaching clients. Well, they are fuckin’ rockstars! They have all had amazing results:

  • Several have quit a job they hated and are transitioning to something better. Even if the exact plans are not yet set, they believe and know it will come.

  • Others have modified their positions and now life is more sustainable.

  • They have started to see their career in a new light…one of possibility and hope instead of dread and life-sucking.

  • They have launched into the beginning stages of a new business that lights them up so much they just want to squeak with excitement.

  • They have dove in deep in their business to new avenues.

  • They have conquered some battles and dysfunction in their home lives that has changed the trajectory of their entire life.

  • Many are now living out their dreams instead of dreaming of their lives.

It’s pretty amazing really. It’s magic really…and I got to be a part of it.

The Whole Point of this

I hope from my super honest and transparent story, you see I’m all in to help transform your life like I have transformed my own! I don’t just post online rainbows and unicorns and act like this isn’t hard. I’m walking my talk. If I am coaching others to jump, I’m jumping first. If I tell others to live big and dream bigger then I have to eat my own damn words and DO IT!

Guys, I’m doing it and the highs have been super high and the lows…well, they have been tough. Even through it all, I would do it again. Each day, I have to decide to stay on this Eat. Pray. Love. Journey to keep living outside the box that was my previous life or to get back in the box and shut the lid. Today, I choose the road less taken and hope it makes all the difference.

So I encourage you to at least peer outside your box.

  • What is something you have dreamed about doing but can’t even fathom it right now?

  • How can you go against the grain, swim upstream, start running in your own lane?

  • In what way do you need to start telling others your real truth like me telling people to their face "No, I’m not doing the doctoring thing. I'm a life coach now and I can help you more than before."

  • Where can you be Open-minded, Available, Freed?

If I can living outside the box of traditional medicine and the daily grind, YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAMS 100% too!

Next week will be part 3 of My Physician Life Coaching Eat. Pray. Love. Journey where I talk about the beauty and the beast of clarity, courage and confidence. Don’t miss it :)

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