Burnout Causes Death on Many Fronts

Female physicians who are burned out are estimated to have 4x more likelihood of committing suicide when compared to the general public. Just being a physician increases your risk to 1.5x of the general working population.

Next, career death. People are leaving medicine by the droves. Physicians are job-changing faster than any time in the past. This finding was first blamed on my generation, millennials, but now we recognize it's not just the 20-30 somethings. Midcareer physicians are retiring earlier and at faster rates because "they just want out" or "don't want to deal with it anymore." Near retirement physicians feel completely exhausted and are not enjoying the end of a beautiful career because they feel irrelevant and pressured.

The death of the private practice occurred. Physicians flocked to employed hospital positions to escape the treacherous waters of private practice only to find they feel caught in a trap now churning and burning RVUs. There is light on this front as DPC (direct patient care) is making a huge surge in the market.

Marriage deaths aka divorce rates continue to be high in physicians private lives.

So what do we do? I say we call BULLSHIT on continuing to function in status quo of healthcare. I believe the first step is we (the doctors) must be as healthy as possible (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically) in order to have the energy to oppose detrimental workflows, overbearing policies, aggressive patients, unfair practices, inappropriate expectations, etc.

Once as a collective of healthy leaders, we can do amazing things! But first...healer, heal thyself!

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In all things my friends, BE WELL and know that you are not alone!

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