Downloadable Worksheets

This is my section of freebies. My inner nerd comes out when I create worksheets so here is a sampling. I put them up for free because I truly want to help! So come get you some! If these helped, make sure to share my site, facebook page or name with someone else who might need a little ERRIN WEISMAN encouragement!!!!


If you attend my recent talk titled "You Are Never Stuck" and you want more. Click below on any of the pictures to download the 4 worksheets



This is a pdf that walks you through identifying your core values in order to bring more awareness to your own personal pattern to what is important to you (like decoding your mental/ emotional DNA). Having a list of core values in words can be helpful as you are examining your life, thoughts, and actions. You more easily recognize the pattern of you (how you live, why you act/react to situations, what you say and what you think) after identifying your core values! 



This is my "new client questionnaire" that I now have digitized but I wanted to share it because it has some real great questions to really get you think. Fill it out and gain some insights! If you enjoy this, why not sign up for some in person coaching! Schedule with me HERE!



This is a worksheet geared at getting you thinking towards your goals. I use this as an introductory if you purchase the coaching package focused on goals (Goals Focused Coaching Package).