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Burnout is destroying the physician community. It is killing our careers, our marriages, and behind many of our colleagues' suicides.

Having experienced burnout early in my medical career, I feel like I survived a nightmare. My soul felt fractured. My emotions ranged from numb to pissed off. My extended family couldn't understand my behavior as I was just trying not to lose my shit at the holiday dinner table when they asked me about work.

No amount of vacation days, yoga or re-arranging my schedule seemed to fix the problem. And it seemed like no one else understood this.

Well, I understand it now and I created this Doctor Me First program to help guide you through burnout. I've taken my personal lessons, piles of books and literature, life coach training and combined them all with my medical brain to develop a program that I think will help any female physician struggling.

I love this package because it can be completed on your own pace in your own way. I let you progress through this workbook and make myself available via social media for touch-ins.

I know that if I can find new purpose in medicine and recover from burnout, so can you!

Purchasing the Doctor Me First Self-Paced Package means you will receive:

  • 5 workbook chapters plus extra video teachings
  • A private community with other courageous physicians in the DoctorMeFirst program
  • Regular email follow-ups from me
  • A session of FREE coaching with me to kickstart you ahead into the life you deserve and desire!

Schedule a call with me if you are interested in knowing more about what I can offer you!