Women in the Wild Retreats



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Format: Since it's winter in Indiana, no overnight tent camping this time! Instead, our activities will be based indoors (yoga, journaling, self improvement & a fun surprise) with a hike weather permitting.

What to expect: Each retreat will be focused on empowering you to live your best! That could be your best life, best career, best family, best whatever you pick.

We will help teach you how to get rid of chaos and clutter our of your life! No more shame or guilt going into 2019!

Carve out 4 hours to retreat into yourself, reflect, reconnect and restore life with other like minded women.

This will be an adult zone so no children at this event.

2 dates to accommodate everyone’s schedules...

Sunday, January 13 1:30-4:30pm EST

Thursday, January 24 10am-2pm EST


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Inspired by my recent trip to Chicago, I really think I want to plan an event to get dressed up all fancy and dance!

Right now...tentatively February 16 with live music, food and fun.

Why not put on something sparkly, bring your main squeeze and dance your socks off.

Watch for more details and when tickets go on sale!

This will be an adult zone so no children at this event.

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What to expect: This event is all about retreating into yourself, having focused time to reflect, reconnect and restore life. 
This ain't gonna be like your family florida vacay...expect plenty of beach time, girl time and me time!!!

I have already talked Beth Schilling into coming and being our yoga instructor. Better get poppin'!!!!

Who is this for: Women who are typically so busy doing everything for everyone else that you are starving for ME time. Start looking at your May calendar...you need your toes in the water, ass in the sand!!!!

Who should come: Women who are typically so busy doing everything for everyone else that you are starving for ME time by the ocean.


Will be in September. Official dates TBD

This year, we will continue to have a 1 night overnight option (24 hours away) but will add a VIP experience with 2 overnights!!

Past Events

Women in the Wild Fall 2018—-See More HERE

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During one of our trail runs, I turned to my tribe (Beth and Lisa) and said, "Other women need this! They need what we are doing. We have to do something!" And the idea was born for these adventures.

September 2018 we did a 24 hour retreat focused on women of any age who love the outdoors but typically too busy taking care of everyone else but themselves. We did "me" time to adventure, try outdoor yoga with Beth Schilling, hiking and reflect on life time with me (Errin Weisman), healthy eating, outdoor activities like shooting and kayaking with Lisa Stinson plus campfire time and more!

WITW FAMILY DAY October 25, 2018

We are taking a little day adventure during our kids’ Fall Break!

Who is this for: Mothers and their children (kindergarten age and up) who want to explore the outdoors in a fun, relaxed way.

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Format: We will meet for a morning hike. Eat lunch together. Then a fun moms only yoga session while the kids do a fun activity. At the end, we will have a debriefing time where families can talk together about their experience.

What to expect: This event is all about getting outdoors with your family, to have a small adventure and get to share with each other more. Time frame will be 10am-3pm EST.

Event is now FREE!