Women in the Wild Retreat- Fall 2018

During one of our trail runs in 2018, I turned to my tribe (Beth and Lisa) and said, "Other women need this! They need what we are doing. We have to do something!" And the idea was born for these adventures.

September 2018, we focused this 24 hour retreat on women of any age who love the outdoors but typically too busy taking care of everyone else but themselves. There are some "me" time to adventure, outdoor yoga with Beth Schilling, hiking and reflect on life time with me (Errin Weisman), healthy eating, outdoor activities like shooting and kayaking with Lisa Stinson plus campfire time, smores and BYOB!

Women in the Wild 2018

Women in the Wild 2018

Digital Detox: No lugging around phones. We actually encouraged you to leave your phone in your car, tell your family bye-bye and disconnect.

Praise for 2018 Participates:

It was a chance to reconnect with someone that I thought was in my past. Now I realize I’m still that same person, I just haven’t made the opportunities to connect with the outdoors the way that I used to and I’m not going back now.

I truly enjoyed the entirety of the trip!
The event was so enjoyable, organized and freeing. I met some pretty wonderful people in the perfect presence of nature. It was the ideal combo of food, nature, and “yoga/me!”
I think that I got WAY more than what I paid for. I really needed this time in the outdoors with like minded women and the only thing that I’m frightened of is that it was a one time thing!
Best experience I’ve had as an adult. It got me out of my comfort zone and tested my fitness level.
This experience was a fabulous release. A time to let me think about ME. It was also a great time for those back home to realize how much they depend on me.
It’s exactly what I have been craving & needing in my life!
It meant reconnecting with a “Me” that was slowly dying.
It meant coming back as a better wife, mom, and worker!
My “give a damn” meter was broken at work. It is on its way to mending. I recognize myself now.


So make sure to follow @truthrxs on facebook for updates for when the 2019 registration opens. We are looking at September again and plan to keep to a similar format and deliver an amazing experience.

Early Bird pricing is not set yet, but when it opens…reserve your spot HERE!

VIP Full Experience: price TBD

Friday & Saturday Activities (no overnight camping): price TBD

Saturday Only: price TBD

(All prices will increase after Early Bird special expires)

No refunds! (Because we will go not matter what)