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I've been really energized organizing Study Hall and working with you! To make sure I can plan the best, please complete the survey below. Totally confidential and you have to self-identify if you want me to know it’s you :)

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I coach female physicians through issues we specifically face. Some examples include:

  • Living a life you crave

  • Find that balance among work, family, life, activities

  • Developing a practice or business that lights you up

  • Addressing feeling stuck/broken/unfulfilled

  • Issues around Money (making it, having enough, student loans, determining worth of your time)

  • Feeling like you are enough, overcoming imposter’s syndrome

  • Recognizing then walking through and out of Burnout

  • Working through past wounds that continue to reoccur in your thoughts even now (ie: those patient encounters that you still think about 5, 10, 15 years later)

  • Developing a plan for transitions

  • Offer support in only a way another fierce female physician can

If you are interested in talking with me, I offer colleague to colleague calls HERE. No selling, no sleaze. Just you and me talking and coaching through your most dominant issue(s) right now. My hope is that you walk away from the conversation with a little more hope and a more clear plan for your future!