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Should I Quit Medicine?

Lately, I’ve been talking with a lot of colleagues who are contemplating quitting medicine all together.

You know…that imagined situation of throwing your stethoscope across the room and yelling, “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back!!”

Well, I don’t condemn leaving or changing jobs. But, I suggest the following:

Just STOP/get away and take some deep breaths

Don’t throw shit (you’re not Bobby Knight)

Think through what’s happening in your head and around you that is triggering this response

Call a close friend, partner or coach (a-hem…me) to yelp for help

After you have done this, look over this quick, one page worksheet and consider these questions.

I absolutely understand where you are coming from so I want to offer my help as you navigate your situation. Because it's not crazy to think about making changes but it is CRAY CRAY if you don’t do it from a good state of mind.

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Everything is awful & I’m not ok! Protocol

As I was driving recently, I caught a great podcast episode on Weight Loss for Busy Physicians by Katrina Ubell MD. She presented a worksheet that she had found from years ago. I loved the idea and so I tweaked and adjusted it then made a protocol! Because who doesn’t love a good protocol (am I right or what?!?)

So, there’s my guide on what to do when nothing is going right and you feel like shit! Not only do I think this was a great idea…it has been personally tested!! Over the past 2 months, I literally have been keeping this list next to my desk and referring to it often during this Physician Life Coaching Eat. Pray. Love. Journey.

I hope that it can be helpful to you. Let me know if you try it out and it does/doesn’t work.

As always…I got your back!

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Asking for What You Need at Work

I know how you feel at work: Tired, frazzled, empty. Unable to give any more -- to your patients, your colleagues, your family, or yourself.

Something’s got to give, But how do you have that hard conversation?

Get my free ebook! Here’s also a free webinar that I did on this topic available as well HERE

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Are you a burned out physician OR on the way to becoming one?

Are you convinced that you need to quit medicine to have a sustainable life? Do you feel trapped in the healthcare system? You are not alone. I’ve been there!

Doctor Me First teaches you how to leave burnout behind and create a life you love.

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Top 10 Tips to Leave Your Position Well

Unlike most jobs where 2 weeks notice will suffice, we as physicians have to give 90-180 days. YIKES!

Want to know the best way to handle the transition? From dealing with upset patient, disgruntled staff and nit-picky legalities, let me help you!

How crispy are you_ image.png

How Crispy are your? Just Stressed or Totally Fried.

Feeling a little frayed around the edges or wonder if you're losing your mind? Wonder if your'e just stressed out or if it's something more?

Click below to take the quiz and find out!

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Identify YOUR Personal Core Values

Having a list of core values in words can be helpful as you are examining your life, thoughts, and actions. You more easily recognize the pattern of you (how you live, why you act/react to situations, what you say and what you think).

Use this worksheet to break it down and help YOU uncover your Personal Core Values!


You Are Never Stuck Video and Worksheets

Are you stuck in Sunday Dread? Burned out? Loss of sense of Purpose?

You aren’t alone! I’ve been there. Here’s a talk I gave to other Physician Mom’s at an event sponsored by IU National Center of Excellence of Women’s Health and AMWA about this very topic! Worksheets included.

Is this Depression or Burnout logo.png

Am I depressed, or just burned out?

When I was in burnout, the feelings of depression and hopelessness were overwhelming. When home, I was there in body, not in spirit. I was simply going through the motions and I started to wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Am I going crazy?”

If you’re experiencing these feelings now, know your not alone. Get my Free ebook that walks you through the difference and how you cans start feeling better.

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Live Your Ideal Life Masterclass & Worksheet

Do you dread Monday and wake up every morning looking forward to the weekend? You're not alone!

In my free Masterclass and Worksheet, I’ll show you how I turned things around, began living my ideal life and give you concrete steps to do the same. Don't look back, look forward, towards all of the possibilities.

Family Mission statement.png

Family Mission Statement

I think one of the best things you can do to help unify your family is to create a mission statement.

By doing this exercise and creating a statement that fits your family, you are creating a central idea that everyone can embrace. As your family moves forward, this statement can be a motto, mantra or rally cry in hard times and a reminder in the middle of arguments.