The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot even be touched. They must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

Andrea Moore

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach

Errin is absolutely fantastic & helped me discover a HUGE Aha!

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Errin & was so happy I did! I was specifically asking for help around clarity in my business, and she really helped me organize my very scattered thoughts. I loved that she was able to sum things up in a way that was exactly what I meant....but just couldn't say myself.

She also helped me have a huge 'Aha' moment about how I was wasting a TON of time & energy on those who just aren't the right fit for me. Since our session, I can't even count how many hours I've saved!!! There were hours that I was previously convinced were needed to get more clients. But now, I am able to use them for just spending time with my kiddo, or doing actual productive things for my business!

Female MD

Anonymous by choice August 30, 2018

Thanks for helping me find the courage to change

Thank you for the support and advice. I rocked the interview, got a great job offer and resigned my current position this week. I so appreciate your support. This has made all the difference and I can breathe again!

Julie M, RN

julie rn.png

"Through coaching with Dr. Errin, I was able to turn down a job that wasn't going to fit me, my family and goals even though money wise it made reasonable sense. Then a few months later, the perfect situation arose and I was able to transition easily to it and move forward in my life." 

Brent Jones, MD


"So glad you came through burnout and found a way to shine for many to receive the help only Errin Weisman can provide! Funny how even when we feel we cannot walk, talk, or see the Lord has a way of making us stronger through it."


Female DO

Anonymous by request    July 3, 2018

If anyone is looking for more one on one help, errin would be an amazing coach for you.

"Over the last year, I have been slowly going down the road of developing burnout and Errin has helped me do some soul searching and been a great listener and supporter! I encourage everyone to follow her page, Truth Prescriptions with Dr. Errin Weisman She posts a lot of free videos and short articles. I really think that these can help you get to know her, and if you needed help or a coach you would feel more comfortable reaching out to her. No way would I have ever just asked a stranger I knew nothing about for help!! Even if you have no symptoms of burnout, there is always some struggles of being a physician Mom and she gets it. " 


Female MD

Anonymous by request September 19, 2018

Thank you for being a source of support! I appreciate you!!!

“I dropped down in days in the clinic. They pushed at me but I stood my ground. They ultimately gave me what I asked for. Now upping my hours on my side gigs. Also dealing with a lot of drama lash back from staff but I’m standing firm as it’s what’s best for me and my family. Thank you for being a source of support! I wouldn’t felt like I was navigating these waters alone until I knew about you and what you’re doing for many docs. It makes such a difference in the confidence in my decisions. I appreciate you!!!”


Amber Shimer

Inpatient Med/Surg Nurse Aid; September 16, 2018

LOVed the women in the wild retreat!

“Your retreat meant reconnecting with a “Me” that was slowly dying. I came back as a better wife, mom, and worker! My “give a damn” meter was broken at work. It is on its way to mending. I recognize myself now. I enjoyed trying new things and pushing my experience level. I loved it all and already telling all my friends!”


Alizah Cannon

September 18, 2018

my favorite was the campfire coaching

“I was most interested in the personal reflection aspects of this retreat because it's what I have the least amount of experience with out of all the activities we did. I want more mental health, self care, soul searching questions and discussions that set goals or provide instruction for real life application. I appreciate the reflection questions that Dr. Errin asked during the retreat. From an introvert's perspective, the large groups were a little daunting. I liked that we split into small groups and allowed for more new conversations. I would be a repeat attendee and bring another friend to the same retreat because I love doing all the things we did but I would be even more excited if the next one included more of the life reflection/goals/application aspects.”