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The Doctor Me First podcast is filled with encouragement, inspiration, hope and fun to your life and your practice.

Each episode consists of an authentic conversation between Dr. Weisman and her female colleague guest. The one prep work for the guest…pick one word to frame their conversation around.

No more feeling alone in medicine because Doctor Me First Podcast is a community of truth speakers, life savers and fierce females who want to support one another.

Errin Weisman DO also offers sassy, down to earth answers to your biggest questions on how to do work you love and live your best life.

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Here’s what Dr. Dana Corriel had to say about her podcasting experience with me :)

“Errin made me feel so comfortable on her podcast, even when participating in a podcast is not within my comfort zone. She has a way about her, that loosens you up, and makes you feel at home. It’s almost like she’d welcomed you in, and then whipped you up a hot chocolate, to boot. You’re simply made to feel ‘in the zone’, once it all begins.”

Are you a female physician and wanna be a guest?

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