To the Patients I'm Leaving Behind

(Letter written on the last day as your PCP)

Dear Patient,

I'm so very grateful and honored to have been your family physician. It has been a privilege to share in your stories over the past several years. I greatly appreciate the hugs and trust you placed in me. I came to this practice to take care of patients but instead I found myself among many friends.

Since announcing my departure several months ago, I have been floored by the responses. Most every single one of you voiced understanding, true caring and concern for my well-being and congratulated me for seeking more. I've also received some awe-inspiring gifts that I would like to share and thank each person (you know who you are):

  • Beautiful handmade keepsake box
  • Bouquets of flowers handpicked with love
  • Rod-caught catfish from our local river
  • Vine ripe tomatoes
  • Lovely flowers arrangements
  • Numerous cards
  • Courteous phone calls
  • Tender hugs
  • Powerful prayers
  • Frames and sayings for pictures and home decor
  • Small mementos and keepsakes
  • Childproof candle to keep Team Weisman from burning down the house
  • Veggie and fruit trays to support my healthy eating habits
  • Words of encouragement

All these treasures I will store up in my heart.

When asked, "Are you running away from something or running toward something?" I would like to answer that I believe that I am doing both. I hope that it inspires someone else to shake off what is inhibiting and just go for it.

Again, I thank you for sharing your life and stories with me. Please know you will not be easily or quickly forgotten.

Wishing you the best in life and health

Errin Weisman D.O.