Not a Doctor? No Worries!

You absolutely do not need to be a physician to interact with me! Believe it or not, most of my friends are not doctors...shocking right?!? :)

No but seriously, anyone can experience burnout and it seems like everyone is these days. I also coach nurses, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, PTs, you name the position and I have probably coached someone there! So you too have just as much value and stress as anyone. So, if you are thinking about it....DO IT!


I encourage you to continue to hang out with me, comment on social media and stay connected.

Maybe you are thinking...I'm not in the medical field. Maybe you're a mom friend who can relate to me and what I talk about...I'm here for you too! Get your booty signed up for a call too! No gimmicks, I promise. I know I can help you.

We are all experiencing life and motherhood together!

If any of my videos, blogs, etc have helped you...share them. It doesn't matter two licks if you don't have Dr. in front of your name!