Research Market Survey

I love speaking and working with other physician moms through burnout and changing their lives. But...wa wa waaaaa...I have only a handful of clients! Talk about airing out my dirty laundry!!!!

I really do want to meet others where they are and be a huge help so...I've decided to survey colleagues, friends and acquaintances for deep-down-in-your-gut honest answers to learn more.

This is totally anonymous unless you tell me in the form who you are. I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me!!! I'm so grateful for the network of people around me who love and support me. You rock my world!!! 

Much Love, Errin

What is your biggest professional challenge right now?
If you’re googling support in these areas, what do you look for?
Which free resources sound most compelling?
Which program would you pay for?
This is absolutely anonymous but if you want me to contact you, leave your info here because I would be more than happy to talk! :) Hugs!