Are you a Physician Mom who is just stuck or burned out?

Because I can help! 

My friends joked and called me "Wonder Woman" because they couldn't understand how I kept it all together, husband, children, medical training/practice, housework, laundry, on and on and on. Well, to be honest, anyone can only juggle all this for so long before plates start to slip and fall!

I experienced burnout as a physician HARD. Retrospectively, I was "crispy to the core." My soul  was discouraged and dissatisfied with my career as an outpatient family medicine physician. So many nights I thought to myself, "How am I going to keep doing this for 30 more years?" or "Did I really push through med school and residency just for this?"

My family didn't understand.

My non-medical friends didn't understand.

My med school best friends and I would vent to each other and try to give support but we were all feeling it.

So, now, I want to be support for you because down to my core, I FREAKING UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE AT!!!  I coach other women through burnout and get them discovering the lives they are suppose to be living instead of juggling the life they thought they were suppose to live. I can help you change your life because I've walked that path and now I'm on the other side booty shakin' dancing!!

Professionally, do any of the following describe you?

  1. As soon as you pull into the parking lot at work, you want to vomit
  2. Sunday night at 5pm, a dark and terrible dread fills your innermost because you realize that tomorrow is Monday
  3. You have thought to yourself, "I got myself through (insert years of education) for this?"
  4. Being fired wouldn't bother you. You've actually dreamed about it.
  5. The movie "Office Space" has become your reality
  6. You sit in your office with the lights off in hopes that no one finds you
  7. You're planning your next vacation while you are on vacation from work
  8. Your mood at work is constantly angry even without reason

Personally, do any of the following apply?

  1. You wonder, "What is my purpose?"
  2. You feel the D's (discouraged, dissatisfied, disengaged)
  3. Family and friends are scratching their heads because they think you are happy but you obviously are not
  4. You constantly seem isolated, trapped or stuck without anywhere to turn for support or encouragement
  5. Life is spinning out of control around you. You may even feel there doesn’t seem to be any hope or end in sight
  6. You are caught in the same routine though you greatly desire something new or a change

Find my personal story HERE or watch me speak about my experience on my HOME page

Coaching may be for you

The purpose of coaching is to promote discovery within you, whatever that may be: becoming healthier and more well, finding a new career path, adjusting work-life balance, better stress management, rediscovering passions, or finding solutions to your challenges.  Having a coach means having someone who comes along side you, listens, helps you identify your needs and your goals, explores possibilities and, occasionally, gives you a nudge forward. Coaching is NOT therapy but it instead focuses on you, the client, discovering your answers within yourself.

"Truth Prescriptions Coaching" is my coaching business. If you don't chose me there are still many many great coaches available who can help! Don't be shy. Take action. Change your life!

More food for thought, visit this link: COACHING QUESTIONS



"Through coaching with Dr. Errin, I was able to turn down a job that wasn't going to fit me, my family and goals even money wise it made reasonable sense. Then a few months later, the perfect situation arose and I was able to transition easily to it and move forward in my life."  -Julie M, RN

"So glad you came through burnout and found a way to shine for many to receive the help only Errin Weisman can provide! Funny how even when we feel we cannot walk, talk, or see the Lord has a way of making us stronger through it." -Dr Jones

"Thank you. I really needed this right now." -Anonymous Physician