Errin Weisman D.O

Physician, Life Coach, podcaster, Burnout Expert & badass Mother

Welcome, Friend!

I do a lot of different things here. I’m a physician life coach who helps and heals the world through non-traditional means. My central theme is that I EMPOWER OTHER TO BE THEIR BEST!

I specifically...

  1. Coach physician colleagues through burnout. It all starts with awareness and I help you discovering the life you should be living rather than keep juggling the life you “thought you were suppose to live.” This happens one-on-one, in groups or through my self-published workbook program I call “Doctor Me First.”

  2. Teach women how to get back outside and play through Women in the Wild

  3. Coach working mothers to lean more into what they love, calm the chaos and seek the balance they desire through.

  4. My podcast Doctor Me First

  5. Speak on Burnout, Wholeness in Medicine and other various medical/wellness topics.

  6. Consult with healthcare systems/groups who are truly interested in changing healthcare by engaging in wholeness for their employees

  7. Write a weekly Blog full of encouragement and particular ways to wellness

  8. Focus on business related issues and empower women to excel in the work place (check out my e-book “Asking for What You Need at Work”)

  9. Provide video content on wide variety of topics

Your life, your calling, your pulse matters! You are not alone!

I got your back,

Dr. Errin (your future coach)

Are you a doctor mom struggling with burnout?

I want to help

Statistics show that physicians will burn out at least twice in their careers. I know some doctors who have burned out six or seven times. Many, many doctors burn out and then leave medicine behind altogether.


Watch the video to hear my burnout story.


I created Truth Prescriptions because I was tired of people telling me that burnout was just a part of medicine. I want to help you recover from burnout so you can get healthy. Then together, we can change the core of medicine to make it a more sustainable profession for all. Learn more about me HERE.



I can help you change your life by planning your work, working your plan, so that you come out on the other side of burnout dancing.


Want to talk in person to see if this is too good to be true? I would love to talk directly with you. No selling or pitches. Let’s just talk!

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