Support That's Better than a Sports Bra

Saw you on my feed today
Cute pictures of the kids, by the way
But, hey, I’m worried, friend
It was the comment towards the end

Not the “going craaazzy”
Or the thoughts of being lazy
Instead, I caught a trace of despair
Like you might be falling beyond repair

Work seems to be kicking you right in the face
Sad, because you use to love that place
Endless shifts are starting to wear
Attitudes have changed to “I really just don’t care”

The kids, I can tell, are your pride and joy
And hey, it's ok to go psycho when you stepped on that toy
You give them your all, your complete self
Be it clothes, sports equipment or that stupid elf

He looks to be helping in all he can do
But your hubby is reaching his limit just like you
He, too, has been playing this game as a pawn
Remember he still loves even if the intimacy is gone

I know you are weary, drained and spent
It feels like all for nothing but one extra cent
Our fears of getting old are coming up true
Saggy here, gray there and extra support panties too

I must be delusional from hearing this show
A million times of Elsa singing “let it go”
Maybe the Ice Queen isn't just a pest
It’s time to stop stressing and look how we're blessed

I’m here for you; YOU ARE NOT ALONE
Please, when you’re ready, blow up my phone
We can talk about anything or nothing at all
Just know that I’m waiting to hear you call

You are beautiful, charming, sassy and downright sweet
It’s just time to get you back up upon your feet
You are not weak or inadequate for asking, no ma’am
We all have some problems with our house, our life, the fam

You don’t have to be isolated anymore
Let me know how I can help; I’ll be at your door
I’m here and ready to join in your plight
Just send me a message when the time seems right



May the coffee and wine never run dry
Together, we'll always yak, laugh and cry
I’ll be praying for your skies to start turning blue
Because, at my wits end, I know you have done that for me too!

-Dr Errin Weisman