Anger Talk with Local MOPS Group

Anger takes away the calm, the peaceful, the rational. In our anger, we no longer are neat and put together. It exposes our raw emotions and wounds. We do stupid things as rage happens.

Have you ever said, "OH MY GOD why did I just yell at the kids!" or "WHY am I so angry?!" or "I shouldn't be angry!"

You are not alone. Anger is a part of being human. It's part of our brains and make-up. It's a stress reaction/instinct, like "fight or flight". Did you know that behind sexual attraction/arousal, anger is the 2nd most powerful emotion we experience!

In the heat of the moment, it's impossible to think and tease out your feelings. Here's an example that took me years to figure out...

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My Mother’s Day Will Have More Meaning This Year

I had not really embraced Mother’s Day. I always perceived it more of a “Hallmark Holiday.” I very much appreciate the women in my life who have molded, protected, nurtured and endured me. Small gifts, flowers, cards tell them thanks but never really seemed more than superficial.

Until now.

Perhaps, it’s the sleep deprivation of a newborn or that I’ve become more sentimental having added a little girl to Team Weisman in the last 3 weeks. But this year, the week of Mother’s Day 2016, I feel like a true mother. It’s taken 4+ years to sink in but now, I finally have had the time I needed to reflect and fully embrace my motherhood.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I took a deep look and actually mourned my “before children” self, accepting she would never return and letting go of that life.
  2. Then walked down memory lane, cherishing the small celebrations and big moments of the past few years but also forgiving myself where I felt I had failed or been defeated as a parent.
  3. Finally, I accepted today, fully embracing the beautiful mess that it is while looking forward to the future days to come.

So this Mother’s Day, I want more than it to be “happy” for you. My prayer is that you also embrace your motherhood. Dive in, feel the emotions that go along with everything mom. Relive the pains, aches, anxiety along with the all consuming, marvelous peace, love and joy. Swim in the depths of memories.  Float in the blessings of your children.

Not only are your children uniquely created, but you, beloved, are fearfully and wonderfully made as well. Time to claim it all, you will not fail!

Let me share a beautiful song "Slow Down" by Nichole Nordeman that touched me during this journey.

Children of the Secondhand Smoke (Mommy-ing Well Series)

Children of the Secondhand Smoke (Mommy-ing Well Series)

Think about it, if you are a non-smoker, you can pick out a smoker quickly. Just by simply walking by someone, any non-smoker can smell the cigarette smoke even if they haven’t light up in days. Smokers emit smoke smell from their clothing, belongings and even their own skin.

So the myth that, “we smoke outside”  is just that, A MYTH.

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Treating Chronic Pain (Mommy-ing Well Series)

Treating Chronic Pain (Mommy-ing Well Series)

If you are one of many that are living with chronic pain, the reality you wake up to daily is that you will never be totally pain-free. Sad but true.

Physicians want to help, not hurt. Our vow is to “First, do no harm.” Pain medications are easily misused and abused. Dependence of these medications leads to abuse and addiction. I spent too many years training and learning that I refuse to become someone's drug dealer/supplier. But as a primary care physician, this is reality that I daily struggle against.

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