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Groups of like-minded women are powerful! That's why I created this course for female physicians to met together, talk through their issues and help one another along the journey.

When I started clinical practice after residency in 2014, I was the only female physician in the county! Talk about isolation! Nothing against my nurse, but I wanted to talk to another doctor mom mono e mono!

Building community with peers is a vital part of a healthy career. So many times in medicine, we struggle alone. Be it our pride or actual isolation of the job as physician. 

I understand feeling like a one-woman show so I created this program to overcome isolation for female physicians seeking help with burnout in a group setting.

I love this package because we will get to interact multiple times within the group and on a one-on-one basis. Great connections can be made between participates and information sharing is AWESOME during these!

Purchasing the Doctor Me First VIP Group Program means you'll get access to/receive:

  • Amazing group support from women who fully understand the physician journey and daily struggle.

  • You will walk away with:

    • new insight to your “why”

    • techniques for great awareness

    • personal plan for boundaries as well as mapping out your ideal life and your perfect practice

    • you-specific strategies to never return to the place you are today

  • 5 workbook chapters plus extra video teachings

  • 6 group classes where we work through the material together (held twice monthly over three months - because let’s face it, you are busy as sh*t)

    • VIP class dates for Spring 2019: Feb 5, Feb 19, Mar 5, Mar 19, Apr 9, Apr 23

    • 8:30pm EST

  • A private community (special VIP only) facebook group

  • 2 hours of individual coaching with me

  • Regular email follow-ups, encouragement and overall kickass inspiration from me…your colleague and coach