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I know what it feels like to be alone because those around you don't really understand all the pressures you are under with practicing medicine, balancing work and family and just trying not to drowned. I was scared out of my mind that I had loans to pay, children to care for and patients to manage yet I was SO unhappy that I just wanted to say F*** THIS and quit it all.

I am that other female physician who understands where you are coming from! I've been to the deepest depths of burnout and I will not let any of my colleagues reach those lows if I can help!

I love this package because it is you and me working together to find your answers and solutions. I give you extra TLC in the One-On-One package!

Upon purchasing the Doctor Me First One-on-One Program, you receive:

  • Doctor Me First Workbook in pdf work

  • SIX (6) weeks of coaching sessions with me. (Most folks use these sessions over 2-3 month time period but the schedule is flexible.)

  • Individualized Homework Challenges

  • Customized Resources to fit your needs (ie I set you up with some of my GREAT colleagues to help with your particular needs like retirement planning, legal support, nutritional coaching, counseling, leadership training, etc).

  • Access to the private Doctor Me First Facebook group. Follow the included links to my videos that accompany each chapter.

  • Regular email follow-ups from me

  • Video Introductions to each chapter with me. (Follow this link and input the password you get in your welcome email or make sure to join the facebook group where they are posted)