Consultation Services

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“Be purposeful, influence wisely.”
― Kathleen McAllen

One of my special passions is helping groups of people understand their own influence, gain clarity and confidence into themselves as a group and individually and empower them to act courageously.

Because of my journey, passions and strengths, I have expertise in negotiating for yourself, physician specific issues within workplaces, broken processes and workflows, workplace wellness and developing a culture of wellness both personal and organizational.

I provide consulting services as a physician, coach and woman leader in healthcare.

Specific projects I have completed include:

  • Breakthrough the surface of problems to really understand the underlying issues within an organization

  • Improving culture through teaching communication skills

  • Facilitating negotiations between physicians and administrators

  • Provided education, resources and information for specific problem areas with physician specific issues (individual wellness, wellness inventories, transitions to retirement, factors to improve physicians’ personal and work lives, etc)

I am always looking for more opportunities to connect and help. I want to participate in helping fix your problem areas.

If you are interested in how I can help, please email me with information on your group/organization and I will be in contact!

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