Should I Quit Medicine?

Lately, I’ve been talking with a lot of colleagues who are contemplating quitting medicine all together.

You know…that imagined situation of throwing your stethoscope across the room and yelling, “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back!!”

Well, I don’t condemn leaving or changing jobs. But, I suggest the following:

  • Just STOP/get away and take some deep breaths

  • Don’t throw shit (you’re not Bobby Knight)

  • Think through what’s happening in your head and around you that is triggering this response

  • Call a close friend, partner or coach (a-hem…me) to yelp for help

After you have done this, look over this quick, one page worksheet and consider these questions.

I absolutely understand where you are coming from so I want to offer my help as you navigate your situation. Because it's not crazy to think about making changes but it is CRAY CRAY if you don’t do it from a good state of mind.

As always, I’m here to talk. Hit me up HERE