Feeling free.png

Great question was asked to me the other day, "How did you know you were on the other side of burnout? Like you had recovered?" 

My answer, "It was that first time I woke up in the morning and was excited to go to work for the first time in a VERY long time!"

I specifically remember that morning. I got up from bed, looked at my husband and said, “Today really is a new day!” I felt free.

I had a lot of heartache from leaving my previous office (watch for future blog post about how leaving a practice mirrors divorce). But this morning was different. I no longer had the weight of those previous responsibilities. I felt my broken heart was starting to knit back together and saw with new eyes that my world was so open.

I felt like the chains had been unlocked and I could do absolutely whatever I wanted. I still had a 12 month non-compete to burn out but it didn't really matter anymore. I no longer viewed this non-compete as a anchor. Instead, it was just a small blacked-out sliver on a pretty huge continuum of possibilities.

In the process of working through burnout, I did a lot of work around identifying parts of my job that caused me to feel major burdens. Then came the challenge to find a position that eliminated or severely minimized them. This took getting creative, networking and time. Luckily, I have a great husband, supportive friends/family and my coach that encouraged me along the way. 

I did it though! I made a better fit for me and also stayed in medicine. I became the owner of my schedule.

The hope that I can offer to anyone feeling dread and the numbness of burnout: CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. 

When you're in the midst of feeling trapped and hopeless, I know it feels like there's no light: IT CAN GET BETTER. 

Change can and will happen. You just have to be willing to ask for help, get your mind in a better place, and take some steps into the unknown.

I can help. Click HERE to set up a chat with me. I really would love to help you no matter where you are!