Noncompete Countdown: 6 days to go!

On August 31, my noncompete ends!

Guess what, doctor colleagues?

  • I did not die.

  • My family did not starve.

  • We did not have to move.

  • I still practice medicine.

  • I still can pay my student loan bills.

If you are MISERABLE in your job and your noncompete is the only thing holding you back, I’m here to tell does not need to be a deadstop in your world.

If you let it, it can be an opportunity: to think creatively, to try something new, to stretch yourself as a doctor … and to find happiness.

Aren’t those things totally worth facing even with a little bit (or lot of bit in my case) of fear?

If you want to talk about how to leave a job well (even if you have a noncompete), let’s set up a time to chat here: