Noncompete Countdown: 3 days to go!

One thing that held me back for a long time from leaving my past position was this fear that if I left, I was a failure.

Doctors do not fail.

We survive med school. We survive residency. We heal. We save lives. We give birth to our own children and then go back to work four weeks later all in the name of medicine.

We are tough and we do not fail.

So making a change in direction, leaving a practice, moving to a different specialty, redoing a residency, taking a different position...all of these may appear to be choosing to ‘fail’ (as we see it). All of it can be paralyzing.

But here’s how I like to look at it now: for me, leaving was FAILING FORWARD. I was “failing” at family medicine, maybe (or really, just recognizing that that particular job, that particular office, was not a good fit for me at this stage of life...or maybe ever!) … but I was taking a step forward. Staying there would truly have been failing in place … failing to find a job I loved and staying STUCK in the same place.

FAIL FORWARD, friend. Keep failing, keep moving forward. Do NOT fail and stay stuck in place!

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