Tips to Modify Your Work Environment

Tips to Modify Your Work Environment

So after a reading my articles you now have realized you are working in a place that is toxic.

Thinking WHAT DO I DO?

Well, I’m Dr Errin Weisman, physician life coach and burnout survivor and I want to give you my tips and tricks on what to do next:

Recognize it's not always stay or go. You actually have HUNDREDS of options to explore about your life and your employment besides “should I stay or should I go?” It's not just stay and be miserable or leave and find something new.

Begin by asking these questions to help open your mind:

  • What's the upside to where I am? What’s the downside?

  • What are some positive consequences to making a change? What's the downside to making a change?

  • What will would making changes in my career do for my life?

  • How could it change me?

  • What am I holding onto that is making me stuck?

  • If I change nothing, what won’t I get to do, be, have or experience?

  • Do I believe that I am worthy or allowed to have a career that I love? Why or why not?

When faced with big decisions, many times we feel self-imposed pressure to make a choice now and be done with it. This is not a good place to make decisions from. So, before you turn in your notice, DECIDE TO NOT DECIDE! Give yourself some time and room to breath to contemplate this more.

Maybe you just don’t have the information you need yet, or you haven’t had the time to process everything to really be able to make the decision that’s best for you.

You might be looking at the situation as concrete: black or white, in or out, this option or that option.

The key here is that when you decide to not decide, YOU HAVE ACTUALLY MADE A DECISION.

You are not letting yourself spin your wheels around indecision anymore. Your brain can stop focusing on making the decision and instead focus on what other options there might be. Once you stop fixating on a decision between those two things, you will be able to see other solutions out there you haven’t thought of yet.

So, Stop asking, “Why can’t I make this decision?” or “Why don’t I know what I want to do?”

Ask instead, “Besides quitting my job, what are my other options? What are all of the options?”


Here’s a fun scenario to get you creative:

For your new career, you have to meet the following criteria:

1. Your new job can’t be anything like you do now

2. You would get paid a million+ $$$ per year just because, no questions asked, right off the bat.

3. You would automatically obtain the basic skill sets needed to do this job

What would you do?

Fun, right!!!!

Lastly, remind yourself that change can feel very, very overwhelming and scary, but all you need to know is your decision and some initial first steps. Focus on where you are going to start out. Just make a plan to make it through the first 3 to 6 months. You will learn as you go.

You are so smart and will tweak, adjust and refine your plan. You will figure out exactly the best way to make your new life work for you.

But you are not going to know all the information or outcomes when you make your decision no matter what it is.

Hey, and guess what, a year or two, you’ll look look back and be able to think, “When I made that decision then, it did not turn out at all how I thought but look at what I’ve accomplished. Look at where I am now! I was willing to fall and fail repeatedly and now I’m succeeding because I trust myself and learned from those failures. I didn’t let setbacks keep me stuck and trapped in misery. I’m moving forward in a way that I’m really proud of.”

Hope this helps you as you consider next steps forward in your life!!

As always, be well my friends!