It’s easier for her because...

Bye Bye Negative thought #5

“It’s easy for her to go part-time/switch specialties/have a better life than me because…”

We’ve all heard this one.

Whenever a doctor makes a change that’s good for herself and her family, the comparisons start rolling in.

It’s easier for her because...

  • Her husband’s a doctor too. (Somebody has to be home unless they hire a full time nanny!)

  • She doesn’t have as much student debt as me.

  • She has a supportive spouse.

  • Her family lives close to her.

  • Her group/clinic/hospital is more understanding than mine.

Here’s the truth, my friend: Making a change is not easy for anyone.

You don’t know the behind-the-scenes for this woman. You have no idea what tradeoffs she and her family have decided to make in order for her to create a life that feels sane and grounded.

The more interesting angle in this story is that YOU ARE JEALOUS. Come on…admit it. Be true with yourself. In this case, you’re seeing what you want in other people’s lives and you’re feeling pissed at your own situation because you F****** want that thing!

(Check out my recent post on positive jealousy -  using jealousy to help you uncover what YOU really want. for help on this)

Here’s the truth: you can create whatever reality you want.

It’s not going to be easy - but it is absolutely possible.

But just staying pissed about where you are now gets you nowhere.

There’s nothing special about people who have what you want. The only difference between them and you is that they were willing to step out in risk, do it anyway, put in the time and do the work on themselves to get what they want.

And remember: there are things about YOUR life that have other people green with envy. Maybe they’re jealous of your healthy, thriving children, or your beautiful house, or your successful career (maybe they always dreamed of going to medical school but were too afraid to try).

The grass is always greener.

So when you start thinking, It’s so easy for HER, dig into your own jealousy, figure out what YOU want, and start taking steps to make it happen.

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