If You Never Ask For Help, You Will Never Get It

Bye Bye Negative Thought #4:

“If I ask for help, it means I can’t hack it.”

Have you convinced yourself that you can’t ask for help because that would mean you can’t hack it?

Not asking for help is a pattern we learn in medical school and in residency. (I call it the hidden curriculum.) Confidence and independence are held up as ideal attributes in a successful doctor, and in some ways, that’s true.

But asking for help is also a sign that you’re healthy.

Shame hides, but there’s so much freedom in openness, honesty, and vulnerability.

Whether you need help with a patient who’s not responding the way you’d expected or you need help picking your kids up from school, IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.

We’re human beings. We all need help sometimes.

Here’s the truth: if you never ask for help, you will never get it.

So I encourage you to stop seeing the act of asking for help as a weakness!

It’s actually a strength.

It means that you recognize the power of community. It means that you’re willing to be a little bit vulnerable.

And connection thrives on vulnerability.

If you feel lonely and isolated, depressed or disconnected, you may be hiding behind a wall of “I’m fine.” When you’re not honest about how you’re really doing, people can’t know that you’re struggling.

You need to open up to let in the light.

Ask for help.

And if you’re ready for some unconditional support, let’s talk, schedule a free colleague-to-colleague call with me. It’s a judgment-free zone. I got your back!