What happens when you stop the busy-ness

Bye Bye Negative Thought #8:

“I have to stay busy otherwise…”

Are you the type of person who can’t not be busy? If you are watching TV, you’re also doing something else. If you are a passenger during a car ride, you also have to be reading a book or doing a secondary activity. You can’t just sit by the pool or ocean and sit. Even in the shower, you are running through a list of to-dos or call backs you need to do while putting the actions of showering on autopilot.

Well…that’s me or I should say, was me.

I naturally keep myself multi-tasking in about 3 different things at one time. And I’m good at it. I can answer a page, cook dinner and listen to my oldest do his reading homework at one time.


When I started getting intentional, I realized that I wasn’t doing anyone any good service when I multi-tasking. I only half listen or partially do.

So that leads me to think…why keep yourself busy? Well…I realized about myself:

  1. When I was “crazy busy” then I was proving to myself that I was doing all the right things

  2. If I kept myself busy, I didn’t have any more mental capacity to see what’s happening under the surface or where my brain would switch to thoughts next.

  3. By being busy, then that meant I was productive and if I wasn’t productive then I wasn’t enough. What was my purpose? If I wasn’t doing something, then who was I.

I was clogging up my bandwidth with activity so things (like emotions and feelings) were suppressed so then unconsciously I didn’t have to deal with me.

When’s the last time you sat with yourself in silence and stillness?

That’s my challenge to you. Stop the busy-ness. Sit in silence and stillness and see what comes up.

I’m here for you if you want to talk this through. Schedule HERE for a no selling, no commitment, no craziness call. Because I truly want to help!!